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Mist Net(series 700)

Mist Net(series 700)

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Mist net is economical and completely reliable in plant protection systym.Used all year around,it can protect crops against birds,with no influence on insects'vitaltasks such as pollinating flowers and devouring harmful parasites.It can also let rain reach soil.When use,it is held in tension between two poles.The height of the nets is divided into several 'shelves' each with a loose picket of netting,that helps  entangle the captures of bats or birds. Here is our series 700(75d/2ply nylon twine)

Twine Mesh   Height  Length Shelves
75d/2ply 14mm 2.5m-4.0m 3.0m-12.0m  2-5
75d/2ply 16mm 2.5m-4.0m 3.0m-12.0m  2-5
75d/2ply 19mm 2.5m-4.0m 3.0m-12.0m  2-5
75d/2ply 30mm 2.5m-4.0m 9.0m-12.0m  2-5

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