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Twisted Polyester Combination Rope

Twisted Polyester Combination Rope

Product Description:

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Cover Material:H.T. polyester
Right hand regular lay-preformed
Color:red,yellow,blue,green,brown,mixed color

Item number Dia.mm Construction Approx.weight(kg/m) B.S.(kn)
TPS6-1668-001 16mm 6×8 0.30 31.5
TPS6-1868-001 18mm 6×8 0.47 52.0
TPS6-20619-001 20mm 6×19 0.55 65.0
TPS6-22619-001 22mm 6×19 0.65 85.0

Color:We have a color chart.Regular Color:red,yellow,blue,green.They are well uv stabalized.

 Linearity.:The rope holds good shape.The rope looks quite straight put on the ground.

Packing:300m-500m per coil regularly depending on diameter.Then wrapped by woven bags.Finally,shipped by pallet.

Construction:regular type:6×8+fc;also available in 6×19+fc or 6×24+fc

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